What we do

assemblage_logos_41771Aid has grown into a major knowledge industry, generating massive volumes of information and data. These are published on websites, blogs, social media channels and open databases, by a growing number of actors, on a widening range of topics, through multiple devices and mobile applications.

The aid information landscape is getting more diverse with the agencies publishing vast amounts of data and the shaping of the post-2015 development priorities around a wide variety of new goals and targets, the Sustainable Development Goals.

Aid-DatabaseIn today’s fast-changing world, building and maintaining one’s capacity to efficiently manage this unprecedented flow of data is a game-changing skill for successful aid professionals, civil society groups and journalists.

Learning to quickly find, filter, process, evaluate and use strategic information, to be alerted to the most relevant developments in one’s field of work, to connect and stay in touch with the right people, and to automate this process to reduce the time spent searching, are critical to making development aid efforts more efficient and accountable.

AidInfoPlus provides this kind of specialized support, in English and French, with efficient tools, techniques and strategies.